Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Woohooer

I have came across a teen woohooer and pregnancy mod for teens. Here is some more Info from the site.

his mod is intended to be run on any patch-level noted in the "EA-Patch Compatibility" thread, pinned at the top of this forum.


This mod performs the following adjustments to the game system:

1) A new menu called "NRaas \ Woohooer" has been added to the active sim's menu, which lists the options for this mod

2) All Romantic social interactions have been augmented with a tunable trait-scoring system and new custom rule set
3) The WooHoo and Try For Baby interactions on the Sarcophagus, Time Machine, Bed, and Rabbitholes have been replaced with ones that use the new rule set
4) A "Risky Woohoo" interaction has been added to the standing and bed social interactions
5) Jealousy has been altered for the bed woohoo interactions.  See below for details.

Further details follow in the next post.


This mod is tunable, however each tuning value now has a corresponding option in-game that can be adjusted for the town

The Jealousy system has been altered by this mod:

    Romantic social interactions (excluding Woohoo) will now only affect sims in the same room
    Woohoo jealousy now affects only those sims which satisfy the following conditions:
        Are not asleep and do not have light sleeper trait (lovingly ripped off from DarkPool)
        Are within one floor of the woohoo, if above ground
        Are on the same floor of the woohoo, if below ground
        Are not outside, while the woohoo is going on inside
        Are not inside, while the woohoo is going on outside


Be aware of this issue:

This is an Interaction Injector mod.  BEFORE uninstalling, you must ensure that no sim is performing any of the interactions added by this mod.  Failure to do so will bounce the game on load-up.

Use MasterController's "Town \ Reset Everything" to stop all running interactions prior to uninstalling.  You can also install ErrorTrap to clean up any data corruption.

As always, ensure that you backup your save files prior to installation of this mod.  This mod is horribly simple, but if anything can go wrong, it will go wrong.


An optional skill module for this mod is available here :
Kama Simtra

OPTIONAL tuning can be found here :
Woohooer Tuning

You MUST install both the NRaas_Woohooer.package AND NRaas_Woohooer_Scoring.package if you intend to use the Trait-scoring system.

See attached.


Version 66

  • Updated for compatibility with the Town Life Patch
  • The custom "Convince To" interactions should now be back
  • Conceptions from "Replace with Risky" now conform to all pregnancy options
  • "Ask For Son/Daughters Hand" social interaction is now available for teenagers
  • Replaced the "Offer to Turn Real" interaction with one that does not have the household size test
  • Replaced the "MakeFrankensim" interaction on the workbench with one that does not have the household size test
  • The EA autonomous same-sex restriction flag is no longer checked during "Gender Preference for User Directed" checks
  • Altered "Scan Room" to list everyone in the room, not simply those who score over "0"
  • "Tour" interactions should no longer appear when the sim is already in the rabbithole
  • Fixed the missing "Make Out" interaction for the rabbitholes
  • Fixed a problem where the Kama Simtra skill stopped working whenever a sim was imported from the library
  • Added debugging code to track why the "Propose" and "Get Married" interactions do not appear for some couples
  • Updated Dutch Translation
  • Updated Italian Translation
  • Updated Taiwanese Translation
  • Updated German Translation

Version 67
  • Enabling the "Debugging" will now display the failure conditions for the "Try For Baby!" inteaction
  • Added coding to catch a script error in "KamaSimtra:IsVisibleInUI" when the skill has been loaded improperly
  • Fixed a script error when the map tag tooltip for a sim engaging in "Time Machine Woohoo" was displayed
  • "Move" window changes split off to the Mover mod
  • "Liking Gate for User-Directed" is no longer checked for non-woohoo interactions
  • Adjusted the minimum scoring requirement for "Matchmaker" to "0"
  • Added additional coding to stop autonomous elder pregnancy
  • "Watch The Stars" is now gated by "CanGetRomantic"
  • "Be Frisky" is now unlocked based on the "My Love" settings, and now makes use of any woohoo locations when accepted
  • Fixed the woohoo interaction on the Actor Trailer, so sims no longer have to exit to perform another woohoo
  • Fixed an issue with tallying foreign woohoo stats
  • Potential fix for an error setting the partner link between two sims


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  2. Dude, for a simple mod I had such a difficult time understanding how to use it... *sigh* I will attempt again!