Tuesday, November 29, 2011

3 New Pet houses for cats or dogs large and small versions

Help plzTSR Fix Memory Full

So at at first I did everything the Sims 3 Pets Fix said to do and everything seemed to work fine, but I downloaded more mods and sims3packs and tried it again, I tried to fix my mods and I got a error message something about could not fix and out of memory, like what the heck really? I'm sick of fighting with then Sims, I never get to play cause I'm always having to try to spend all my time online searching on ways to fix the game, I even went out and bought a new lap top with 400gb hard drive and 4gb with HD Graphic card all so I could hopefully get to play my Sims 3 game. But looks like I don't cause they went and changed crap up with the darn Pets, like everyone is not already having problems with the darn game. I was just hoping someone would know how to fix this, cause I'm always downloading new things that will need to be fixed.

Create a Sim

Coming Soon, Create a Sim Model.
I wanted to do a tutorial on how to create a Sim. A lot of people use sliders, but I'd rather not. 
But to get started here is a link for Create A Sim Content, to get you started on gathers all the CC, that you might need or want to put your Sim together, So get started downloading and installing and I'll be back soon to update this blog.

Friday, November 25, 2011

CC Magic — The Custom Content Manager for TS3 by Grant Hess

Custom Content management for The Sims 3 has become a challenge. There are literally multiple gigabytes of custom content available for the game. This introduces a couple of issues to the game that plague players.

Game Lag : When you have more than about 200 custom content files, the game begins to slow down noticeably. This is a limitation of the way modern computer operating systems work, not an issue with the game itself.

Organization : What do you do if you decide you don’t want a particular custom object anymore? How do you find it? What if you just want to disable it temporarily while testing another similar object? With thousands of CC files, it can be very difficult to track down any specific CC item.

CC Magic is a way to conquer both of these issues. CC Magic allows you to organize your custom content into a hierarchy of “sets” much like file folders, thereby allowing you to find and manage your CC however you wish. Unlike using file folders to manage your package files, CC Magic knows what those files contain and can show you information from the packages to help identify them. For example, for most items it can show you a thumbnail of the item as well as a name and description.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Baby Swing By EA

This set is really cute and kills me that, I can not get it right now, it is 500 points on The Sims 3 site here.

Download all my saved Sims 3 Links

Here is a download with all The Sims 3 Links I have been to and have saved in my favorites, they are copied and pasted on wordpad and upload to media file for my back up, but if you like you can download the wordpad file with the links. 

A Lot of Poses

You can find poses like these and more all at mysims3 website.