Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sorry Guys

Just want to say that Iam sorry for not blogging that much, I just bought me a new laptop by dell, just so I can have more memory to run my Sims 3 game and more. I still have not yet got all my games installed yet, but with a bigger hard drive and a HD graphice card I'm hoping my game will run a lot better and not give me so much problems. I have to start all over again like new, Pets have also messed up some CC and I have not yet went to learn how to fix that yet, so it makes me really not want to play the Sims 3 that much, but I'm going to start all over and see how it gose, maybe it won't make me so mad this time, it will be awhile before I add anything to my blog I have to get my new laptop in order and set up to my liking and install all my games, its not like many people view this blog any ways. So Im not to worried about not updating. Well I guess Im out for now happing Siming. 

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