Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Help plzTSR Fix Memory Full

So at at first I did everything the Sims 3 Pets Fix said to do and everything seemed to work fine, but I downloaded more mods and sims3packs and tried it again, I tried to fix my mods and I got a error message something about could not fix and out of memory, like what the heck really? I'm sick of fighting with then Sims, I never get to play cause I'm always having to try to spend all my time online searching on ways to fix the game, I even went out and bought a new lap top with 400gb hard drive and 4gb with HD Graphic card all so I could hopefully get to play my Sims 3 game. But looks like I don't cause they went and changed crap up with the darn Pets, like everyone is not already having problems with the darn game. I was just hoping someone would know how to fix this, cause I'm always downloading new things that will need to be fixed.

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