Saturday, October 22, 2011

People gining paid Sims 3 CC for free

 People are giving away Sims 3 CC that are paid to be downloaded for free, The way I look at it is, if you buy something it becomes yours, so to me I feel like if someone wants to re-upload and give you paid CC for free they should be able to do so, but not claim it as there own, its like going to Wally Word and buying stuff and them tell you not to give it to someone. To me once you buy it, its yours. Not everyone can afford to get a subscription to the TSR, like me, I did buy a Sub. for 3 months for $13.00, I download a lot of stuff, I didn't share it, and at the time I didn't think about adding the image of what I buy and download, with the download, so now I have a cd full of tsr sub stuff, that to me was a waste of time and money, cause I don't even know what I bought, and to me I feel like if you donate money to a site or sub. to tsr they should let you always re download your CC, with out charging you again, just to download it, cause some people lose there Items to many of reasons. I also have a lot of Updates from tsr CC Items I bought when I had a sub. that I can't update with out re scribing to the site, so to me its aggravating to me. So to me I'm thankful that some people have the ball's to re-uplpoad paid Items that they have bought, cause not everyone can afford the things like CC and ect, for the Sims. I know a lot of people will argue with me on this, but those will be the ones that have money to buy what ever they want. If I was a creator and I was still making a lot of money off my CC I don't think I would freak out about some of my things floating around for free, and if I was a creator I would already know that someone will re-upload it for free. TSR makes a lot of money off people so there not really losing a lot, new stuff id made every day. But anyways if your one of those people who love to get paid Items for free, just go to google and search for some Sims 3 Items that are Paid and search them for free.

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