Sunday, October 23, 2011

Just Blogging

Its been 7 days since I got my Sims 3 pets game, and I still have not played it, I was dying to get the game, but after I got it, I tried to play it like 4 times and it would get stuck, so I took all my CC out my game, I still haven't tried playing since I done that, I uploaded all my CC to a file host, and then deleted what was on my computer, Iv been downloading more CC, I'm going to start all over again as if I just got the game, its a lot of work, I spend more time trying to get my game to run right, more then I get to play, I have not been updating in awhile with new or old CC on my blog, Iv been so unorganized with my links so now I'm going through all my links I have booked mark and putting them in categorize so I can, update my blog with out the stuff being all over the place, I know there are a lot of blogs out there, I just like doing this for fun. Anyways I know my blog is not the best, but I do bring you a few things other blogs don't and that's links to CC that you can get for free that you would usually have to donate or pay for :) lol shhhh if your a snitch then my blog is not for you. Anyways as soon as I get my stuff put in the right folders I will update more CC for you guys.

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