Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Have not played Sims since Oct.

Just felt like blogging cause it's not like a lot of people know or visit my blog, I sure miss playing the Sims 3, but with there updates and the pets it sure has screwed up a lot of things, I spent $40 on the Pets before it even came out and now Iv had it since Oct and still have not got to play my game. It's making me mad cause I even bought a new lap top just for the Sims 3, and now the Sims don't even want to work right most of the time, I'm thinking about just uninstalling it all and redo it over and not add the pets and just sale the Pets to someone who don't mind running it with out CC. My friend even bought his gf, the game and the code didn't even want to work right in her game so I gave her my copy of the code. I'm getting sick of EA making new Sims stuff with out trying to fix there other games, I really don't think I will be buying any more Sims games. I spend more time trying to fix my game then I do get to play it, Its a rip off if you ask me...

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